ISBN 978-0-6451562-6-3

Jackals of Slavery

And How to Defeat Them

“Magna carta is now seen as a traditional mandate for trial by jury, justice for all, accountable government and no arbitrary imprisonment.” – Magna Carta Monument, Canberra

“The purpose of a court in a civilized country is the vindication of men’s rights and the enforcement of just causes.” – Lord Thomas Denning.

Here is an intended handbook that draws together certain essential elements of law and history in the defence of liberty from an ordinary suburban dentist who became a victim of bank fraud and compliant kangaroo courts. My name is John and I believe that We the People are a force to be reckoned with, provided we are armed with the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong and of what good men and women, who have gone before us, have sacrificed and achieved in the pursuit of truth and justice. We, too, have that same duty to our families, friends and neighbours.