ISBN 978-1-922452-33-7

At the Chameleon Turn

And so begins an unexpected new obsession…

Drawn via a bizarre and compelling dream to the small capital of South Australia, Ethan Farrell, Hollywood’s latest superstar, and exceedingly sort-after bachelor, encounters a young woman unlike any he has ever come across.

And so begins an unexpected new obsession.

Why, although he tries, and knows it would simplify matters, can he not rid his mind of this child-like woman? What is this mystifying hold she seems to have on him? His minder, Scott, acquires his own answers, while Ethan’s sister, Lucy––duly obliged to reveal a long-kept secret, inherent to her––concludes she must journey far to unravel the unexplained: as her brother’s ensuing, and confounding refusal to provide any clarity, leaves everyone wanting.

Does Ethan learn to listen; will he allow himself to hear… see beyond his own deceiving thoughts? Or does his past keep him deaf and blind. And who or what is the Chameleon?

This story is about discovery; it touches on recognising, understanding, and facing the fears hidden within. It is about betrayal, loyalty, love, and remembering who we are. It speaks of valuing what many take for granted.

Written in an unconventional style, the author’s foremost wish is that her readers develop an intimate connection with her much loved characters; that they enjoy and feel at ease with the undemanding narrative, and that with a little introspection, they can relate to and draw on the deeper message she is endeavouring to convey.

Victoria Carisimo Author

About the Author

Victoria, better known as Vicki, was born in Cordoba, Spain; she was a mere eighteen months old when, in 1963, Australia became her new and permanent home. Raised until the age of fourteen in rural Victoria—where her parents had worked as sharefarmers, growing, and harvesting tobacco—her family and she then moved to the city of Adelaide, where she has since lived.

Married young, she supported her husband in starting-up and building his profession as a manufacturing jeweller in Adelaide’s Western suburbs. They have three sons, and today, she is the proud grandmother of six.

At the Chameleon, Turn is Vicki’s first novel. The title—which imparts the third portion of a statement she unexpectedly and quite startlingly received many years ago while meditating—becomes clearer in its meaning throughout the course of the book. It contains a message for all, but more so for those willing to hear it. Whatever the case, her heuristically inspired story will at the very least, entertain.