ISBN 978-1-9224522-9-0

Wear a Mask, Cupid!

Love (or at the very least, desire) always finds a way, right? The true stories in this collection reflect our basic human need to connect with others, physically and emotionally – and we won’t let a little thing like a pandemic stand in our way.

Sometimes funny and romantic, often disastrous and heartbreaking, our brave contributors share their adventures in online dating, dating long distance, dating by stealth, and trying to date but failing. Despite being light-hearted or simply-told, all of the stories demonstrate in their own way, how deeply complex, lonely and profound life can be in lockdown.

Tina Morganella, editor of 'Wear a Mask, Cupid!
Dr Maria Isabel Jimenez, editor of 'Wear a Mask, Cupid!'

About the Editors

Ms Tina Morganella

Tina is a freelance writer and copyeditor with an MPhil in creative writing from the University of Adelaide, Australia. Tina writes short fiction, personal essays and travel literature. Her short stories have been published in STORGY Magazine (UK), Tulpa Magazine (Australia), Sky Island Journal (US), Entropy (US) Sudo (Australia) and Fly on the Wall Press (UK), amongst others. Tina also has nonfiction work published in the Australian press (The Big Issue, The Australian, The Adelaide Advertiser). In her bi-weekly blog, Use it in a Sentence, Tina introduces readers to Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day via micro fiction. Tina is currently between boyfriends, and yes, she has tried online dating with varying degrees of failure.

Dr Maria Isabel Jimenez

Maria is an Officer in the Australian Defence Force. She has a PhD in complex Military Procurement Projects from the University of South Australia, and extensive experience in logistics and procurement, both in the government and private sector. Strangely, none of this prepared her for her online dating tour of duty. Maria survives to tell the tale, with only minor battle scars and a motivational speaking tour planned, once COVID is over. She is fluent in Spanish, is learning French, and knows how to cha-cha. Current personal status: It’s complicated!!