ISBN 978-1-922890-45-0

The Ancestral Ring of Hope

A high price for freedom in war torn Hungary

Inspired by true events.

István was a young man when the Iron Curtain blanketed Eastern Europe after the Second World War, vandalising the fabric of Hungarian society. Tortured for criticising the tyranny suffered under Communism, he conspires with likeminded rebels to retaliate and regain their liberty. But the Soviet masters are uncompromising. During twelve days in late 1956, the full might of Russia is unleashed, crushing the revolution. István’s fate is sealed. Fleeing reprisal and certain death is vital for he and his beautiful and beloved wife Natália. The Captain of Gyor Police Headquarters, Viktor Molnár, has other plans, thwarting and executing fugitives. Obsessed with Natália—his new elusive prize—Viktor stops at nothing to attain her.

The Ancestral Ring of Hope is a compelling story of love, grief, courage, and a resolute quest for freedom. Parallels between this novel and the horror unfolding in Ukraine at the hands of Russia’s dictator proves history does repeat. It’s a timely reminder of the fragility of peace and democracy and how easily they can be shattered by tyrants seeking power.

About the Author

Suzi O’Connor was born in Wollongong on the south coast of New South Wales to immigrant parents who fled Hungary after the failed revolution of 1956. This is Suzi’s debut novel, a work inspired by her mother, Katalin, and her deceased father, Fülöp. She lives with her husband, Allan, in Adelaide, South Australia.