ISBN 978-1922527-37-0 PAPERBACK

Mickey and Katie share a strange bond; Mickey’s abuse of alcohol and drugs almost costs his life, and Katie’s alcoholic demon is Bob, her father and abuser.

As Mickey faces his mortality, he questions his sexuality, a battle he thought he’d won in his relationship with Jamie. When their one-year liaison crumbled, so did Mickey.

Katie fears her father’s threatening presence, always hyper-alert, her hands a daily reminder of his propensity for evil.

Soon, Mickey must face the women in his life – his sister who outed him, and his mother, who rejected him. Then another death rocks his world, and Mickey must seriously explore who he is and assume responsibility for his life.

On Katie’s 25th birthday, she must confront her fears and make vital decisions about her future, including the “blood money” inheritance that she doesn’t want, but Bob does.

This is a story of two compelling quests of the mind and spirit. Mickey, seeking to find his self-identity, accept his sexuality, and own his maturity. Katie, needing to feel safe, finding her inner courage, and escaping the stranglehold of her abusive father.

Their stories will warm your heart long after the last page.


Terri wrote the first draft of Legacies after completing a short Creative Writing course while living in Sydney Australia. She has also written six other diverse and engaging books, ranging in topics from Fear and Motivation to health and nutrition. Prior to this, Terri trained as a Psychiatric Nurse, which amplified her already growing fascination with the human mind, psychology, and social conditioning, fuelled by surviving her traumatic childhood. She has walked Hot Coals, completed the International Money and You program in San Diego, been an international summit guest speaker, and is currently writing her next novel, the first in a Private Investigator series. Terri founded The Speakers Initiates, an Emerging Speaker platform, helping people to find their voice. She is also the founder of Voice on Fire – Interviews with Intention, a unique YouTube Channel and Podcast focused on emerging Change Agents and Action Takers. Her global interviewees have included musicians, founders, coaches, authors, explorers, and advocates, all driven by similar motivations – to tap into Human Goodness and create positive global impact. Terri is an advocate for The Lilian Dibo Foundation in Cameroon, Africa, and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her ginger cat, George Howard.