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5 Minutes a Day for New Mums

I would have loved something like this to read when I’d had my kids ~ Myra Cooke

This unique book takes the new mum on her journey of transitioning and adjusting to Motherhood. It identifies some common themes, challenges and struggles within the demands of new parenting. Throughout this amazing season each mum has different experiences, circumstances, opinions and coping mechanisms. This dynamic book helps the new mum to adjust and embrace this most memorable time of life and gives her a fresh perspective and focus within 5 minutes a day.

Welcome to the privileged world of ‘mum’.

About the Author

Tania Bondarenko is a mum of two young children. She had her first baby at thirty eight years old and has been on the journey of navigating both the challenges and the amazing moments within the new reality of Motherhood. In this transition she found herself surrounded in a season of nappies, lack of sleep and every possible emotion known to the new mum.

Tania has a background in Nursing and has lived and worked in London and Melbourne, she travelled extensively with her husband Nick before having children and now resides in Adelaide Australia.