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Chosen to Die, Destined to Live


~ Christopher J. Mruk Ph.D. Fellow, American Psychological Association Professor of Psychology, Bowling Green State University

When Frida approached me as a student to help her work on this second edition of her book by directing it more toward resilience, I knew that I was about to become the student and she was to be the teacher.

As we went through the first edition talking about the changes she had in mind, it became clear to me that somehow this individual did everything “right” that we know about in terms of recovering from, and growing through, trauma. Her story takes the reader through all the stages of the process. It begins with the most devastating destruction of one’s sense of order about how the world works and the absolute shattering of personal identity. Next we follow her through the common after-effects of confusion, self-blame, betrayal, depression, and anger often associated with the process. Finally, the book leads us through the other side-effects that researchers talk about, especially finding ways to rebuild a sense of meaning, discover a larger purpose in life, being able to love again, and becoming even more than who and what one was before the trauma.
To put it in the simplest terms, this book is alive and powerful in a way that is humbling yet inspiring. It could be read as a story of personal survival, one of psychological transformation, or a journey to spiritual salvation. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of others, people who work with survivors, and those who are interested in the amazing capacity of the human spirit to be resilient could benefit from reading this book.

About the Author

Frida is the only survivor of her family, now married to Rob van der Zaag and the couple has seven children. She graduated from Bowling Green State University Firelands Campus in the State of Ohio with a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Communication. Frida has shared her story of miraculous survival, God’s grace, the power of forgiveness, inner healing and resilience around the world including, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. Frida is also a keynote speaker at high schools, universities, churches, business and not for profit organizations and various women groups.
Frida spoke at the UN Headquarters in New York during the 2016 Annual Commemoration of the Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis. In 2019, Frida spoke at Memorial de la SHOAH in Paris and at the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre.
Frida is also the author of In the School of Resilience.


BENO, Robert

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Aligning to Aliveness

Robert Beno grew from humble beginnings to become a successful attorney. While he had an avid interest in things of a spiritual or metaphysical nature since childhood, as a young adult he entered a deep ‘soul sadness’ or ‘dark night of the soul’ that lasted over a decade; during this time he endured many successive, intense challenges. In facing his deepest fears and darkest wounds that tested the very limits of the human condition, a process of awakening unfolded, which served to bring about a deeper joy through the simple act of Being and with that joy has come inner peace.

This book is testimony to the indomitable and transcendent power of the human spirit to reconnect with Source and return home in the deepest sense. Through simple guidance and intrinsic wisdom Robert pierces the veils of illusion that appear to hold us captive to mind-based patterns and profoundly reaches into the very heart of life itself, sharing insights to inspire and empower humanity through its collective heart awakening as we each evolve into higher levels of consciousness and deeper states of love and loving kindness.

About the Author

Robert Beno has a deep love and passion for sharing insights that may serve to empower and awaken the heart of humanity to its true nature, to its innate essence as the very river of consciousness that is life itself.

Robert presently lives in Sydney, Australia

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is lovingly diverted to benevolent causes and philanthropic organisations chosen for their dedication and integrity in serving the greater good.


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Fergus Farringdon the Second: To Many Lands and Back Again

Fergus was a small cottage lad who had lived his whole life in The Hidden Gully. Unfortunately for Fergus, his most close family member passed. With this, unknown things began to take place. Winds, images and the hearing of silent words. With such events, these prompted Fergus to explore deeper, where he would discover something legendary. As all was evolving, Fergus was fortunate enough to discover many new lands and a few good folks.

About the Author

My writing journey began in 2012 when I attended an Adult College to complete secondary education. One course enabled me to write and I enjoyed sharing my stories. Once completed secondary education, I then began an Arts University Degree. In University, one of my courses was English and Creative Writing. It was here where my interest and ability in writing, grew.


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Healing Depression

As the author of Whispers from the Angels I am pleased to say that I have been guided to write another healing book.

My journey through depression lasted many years and at times it was for me life threatening.  I know now that I have been one of the luckier ones to have come out of it on the other side by learning how to recognise and use my Life Tools.

Healing Depression Using Life Tools is a book that has at times been channelled to me from a much Higher Power and it has been written with great passion to show people that in time you can recover from an illness such as depression.

About the Author

The discovery of being able to learn to identify and access my own Life Tools to assist me through my journey of depression has been a truly enlightening experience as it has taken me from the darkness into the light.

We all have Life Tools, they are deeply entrenched within all of us and if we are able to recognise them and use them in a positive way they really can help us through all of those tough times in life.

A great deal of uncovered wisdom through my journey has taught me that we can empower ourselves back to a much happier and healthier way of life if only we would take the time to educate ourselves and learn to be more in tune with what our bodies are really saying to us in times of great stress.

The journey that I went through has taught me a great deal about myself, I would not trade what I went through now for anything in the world for it has taught me that no matter how deep the hurt in life there is always hope.  We do not need to travel through these really tough times alone.  There are always people out there who can assist us to manage our illness in a more positive way if only we will let them.

Faith, hope, and an innate belief in ourselves are powerful Life Tools and they play a major role in allowing us through time to become better.

Positive change will always promote positive growth and you can achieve wellness by accessing your Life Tools.  Empower yourself to a much more balanced way of life by learning that it is okay to love yourself.  Learn to value your life in a way that you have never done so before.

Never ever give up on hope!

Heather Colquist

Diploma of Professional Counselling (Major in Grief and Loss)


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Cosmic Answers

From a young age Adrian has experienced the paranormal. Now he shares his journey, revealing moments of self-discovery, near misses, and other encounters with the spiritual realm.

About the Author

ADRIAN EVERITT is a Clairsentient and Indie Author from the Cosmic Answers brand. Since 2013 Adrian has been offering readings. You may know him from Perth, the Mornington Peninsula or East Gippsland where he now lives & works. Now you can read his first book!


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