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Eating the Wu Way: For a Longer, Healthier Life

Wu Wei: The macrobiotic way of eating for a longer, healthier life: 

My approach to eating for optimal health comes from the holistic insight that we consciously can strengthen our bond with the natural order around us by choosing the proper food.

This is based on both the analytical understanding of the body’s biochemical needs as well as the dynamic energy polarity of contraction and expansion that pulsates everywhere down to the deepest level throughout the earth

In traditional Chinese philosophy these polar opposites are called Yang and Yin, but we can call them Alpha and Omega to show the antagonistic relationship between the two. Together they make up the whole.

The most down-to-earth example of polarity is man and woman, the masculine and the feminine. Other polar opposites are the physical and the mental, light and dark as well as warm and cool.

The Far Eastern Daoist philosophy explains mankind’s relationship to the order of nature (Dao). The Daoist term Wu Wei means literally ‘not doing’ or ‘without effort’. The true meaning is that man should do nothing to disturb the innate connection to the natural order around him. In other words ‘go with the flow’ of nature – rather than resist it. This is the spirit of Wu Wei.

To live according to Wu Wei, we need to understand better the recurring cycles of the natural order. Choosing whole food in balance with this order promotes intuition to follow the Wu Wei.

With both the scientific and intuitive perspective, Wu Wei offers a truly holistic way to understand the complex subject of food and health, both physical and mental.

A Western word that expresses this Daoist principle is macrobiotic, which stems from the Greek makro and bios – ‘great’ and ‘life.’ The macrobiotic way of eating has given me a ‘great life’ with many years of wellness without ever needing medical treatment.

Wu Wei thinking gives priority to eating well, which strengthens the nervous system and sharpens perception. I call this way of eating Wu Wei. It takes into account personal needs that otherwise often get overlooked with the common one-size-fits-all approach to food. 

The book is entitled: ‘Eating the Wu Way – for a longer, heathier life


About the Author

A life focused on health, well-being and balance

Steven Acuff was born in 1945 in Moscow, Idaho, USA. He received a Bachelor of Arts diploma from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon in 1967, and then continued with a year of graduate studies on a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Bonn, Germany.

He began eating natural food in 1971 with his discovery of macrobiotic food.  At different times between 1980 and 1987 he studied with macrobiotic author and lecturer Michio Kushi in Boston, Massachusetts to further his understanding of macrobiotic food therapy and oriental body diagnosis.

From 1988-1993 he worked as a nutrition consultant for patients at the Habichtswald Clinic in Kassel, Germany, which had departments of internal, psychosomatic and cancer medicine.

In 1989 he published a book in German called Das Makrobiotische Gesundheitsbuch (Goldmann Verlag, Munich) which sold nine editions. The book was published in Swedish in 1992 with the title På Kornet.

In 1993 Steven Acuff met Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions who introduced him to the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and the work of the great pioneer Weston A. Price which added to his understanding of healthy food.

Also in 1993 he met Dr. Renate Collier in Germany who worked with acid-alkaline balance and digestive health. Dr. Collier developed a unique massage technique for the abdomen and to break down acidosis (over-acidity) in the connective tissue which he learned during his association with her. Dr. Collier also wrote some books on the subject of digestive health.

Steven has taught many international seminars, including joint seminars with Shizuko Yamamoto, a world-renowned master of shiatsu massage. These courses furthered his knowledge of this Japanese style of massage and his understanding of the energy flow within the body and its importance for healing.

Steven was co-director of a macrobiotic study house in Sweden from 1987-98. The program offered intensive seminars on healing with food, including practical cooking instruction and shiatsu massage to guests from around the world. The staff also organized international summer camps with hundreds of participants.

Steven also teaches intensive courses in traditional Oriental facial and body diagnosis combined with German naturopathic health evaluation. He was a guest speaker at the school of nutriton science at the university in Harsta, Norway. He travels throughout the world and lectures about food and health. He gives personal nutrition advice as well.

He has lectured in 27 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, the Bahamas, Iceland and many European counties. From 1992 until 1998 he was a regular guest at health fairs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, taking part in panel discussions with medical doctors and professors of nutritional science. He has been interviewed on the radio in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Ecuador and Singapore. He has been on TV in the U.S., Norway and Ecuador.

Some of his highlights include lecturing in 1991 at a conference for alternative cancer therapies in Berlin, Germany, an appearance in 1993 on Norwegian TV2 to discuss food for cancer patients, a seminar in 2001 for the staff of the Ministry of Health of the Thai government in Bangkok and lecturing in 2005 before the Chamber of Commerce in Linz, Austria. Steven Acuff is listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in America for his work with food and health.

Several articles on food and healing published internationally, including the publications Schrott und Korn and Dao in Germany,  Naturmedicin och Hälsa in Sweden and Macrobiotics Today (U.S,) in which the summer issue 2016 features his book Eating the Wu Way for a Longer, Healthier Life.

Available as a paper book and an eBook, with many recipes by Angelika Bertacco. You can get the Wu Way book in  Australia, the USA and Europe.