ISBN 978-1-9225-63-9

Oz, Becoz!

This book is basically an Australian’s autobiography origins, personal growth, and development, including living with schizophrenia medication, ie “how I survived the baby boom.” My philosophical thoughts, protestant Christian Bible interpretation, and descriptions of my travel experiences are on display, mingled with “good humour.”

Never really an “Ocker,” I have always had a love of our English language: it’s always a surprise, its rules always mysterious and rhyming poetry is a wonderful challenge. Describing our world is best kept simple. I do like Kipling, for example, but here is my own style of Poetry, using rhyme, rhythm and colloquial English.

About the Author

He has sought, from ninety-nine,
His “one” to save, His choice , not mine; We cannot earn His Grace divine.
It’s long ago He planned a line

Of people He would call “elect,” It’s not the way you would expect; It’s all “on Him” – we have no say – Not “what we do,” “He is the Way!”

Our Jesus died for all our sin, Atonement made, “to let us in,” And only He could qualify –
God’s Son that they would crucify.

To prove all this, He rose again,
To live in Heav’n, eternal reign:
This completed, saving us,
We want to spread the Word – It’s thus:

No other “faith” a future gets, New bodies for us, no regrets; To worship Him, how wonderful, He’s ev’rything, “His cup is full!”