ISBN 978-1-922803-20-7

The Travelling Monkey Lion

This is not another travel book that talks about historical museums and the ecological sights and sounds of famous landmarks. This book is about the deep truths that traveling reveals.

It is about the characters we meet and the unknown places we discover. It is about the hardships and the ecstasies that comes with risking it all to gain what no one else can take away from you – personal growth and life experience.

The content is based on true stories from my own personal experiences – documented stories from my travels over the past fifteen years. The book was written to encourage people to travel. It explains how travelling can enrich your life and excel personal growth. It is a travel memoir written to
encourage readers from around the world to make travelling a priority.

I hope that the book will motivate people to become a member of our travelling community, inspiring them to explore the world. I believe that the essence and truths in finding out who we really are, can only be found or at the very least excelled, by the wisdom and knowledge discovered through exploring the unknown. I have documented this through humor and a sense of realness, using an abstract analogy borrowed from the animal kingdom to set the tone.

I want this book to enable and encourage people to recognise and experience their own travelling ambitions. It should manifest the urgency to compile itineraries and plan trips that will enable them to discover or rediscover their true selves.

In summary this book is written for all the adventurers and should serve as a reminder that it is never too late to dream. God created this beautiful planet not for us to view from a safe distance but to experience it hands-on, meet new people, see places and make memories.