ISBN 978-1-922722-19-5

Blue the Balloon Bumps into Sydney

Blue Breaks Free!
Where will Blue go?
What will Blue bump into?
Follow Blue to discover Sydney

About the Author

Lynnette Sim was born in Penang, a small island off the coast of Peninsula Malaysia. At her very young age, she discovered her love for two things – words and numbers. She reads often and at times, far too often. Once she was caught reading a novel during class time!

Her love for numbers led her to study accountancy and she became an accountant! She spent a decade working in the banking and finance sector before she left the corporate world to raise her son.

She now turns her focus to share her second love – words! She hopes to string and weave words into stories that children can truly enjoy!

Lynnette lives in Sydney with a very musical son, a husband who loves photography and possum on her roof!