ISBN 978-1-922452-09-2

Eluding Sylvia, Chasing Poe

A choose-your-own-adventure prose, poetry and imagery journey from inside the mind of a bipolar-disordered human. One critic said it was like Alice in Wonderland on Lithium; psychedelic yet ordinary.

The book’s written content is a collection of lyrical poems, microstories and prose with the addition of illustrations, photographs and insights in a ‘choose your own adventure’ concept. Each adventure contains a different facet of the symptoms of the Bipolar illness using role play with different mood characters. With the use of this method, it has given the power back to the reader to choose their mood. This displays the relentless lack of choice within the sufferer of the illness.

The author/artist was once a ‘New Poet’ (Friendly Street Poets, 2010) and contributor to ‘Mad, Sad Words’ (Joseph Dunn, 2006).