ISBN 978-1-922629-42-5

Your Psychic Self

Do you get tingles, feelings, and information from holding objects?
Do you have dreams that foretell the future?
Do you wonder why you know information that you couldn’t possibly know?

We all have psychic abilities waiting to be discovered!

This unique book is a comprehensive, easy to follow manual for psychic development beginners of all ages. It is full to the brim with the essential basics and simple activities to help you:

  • Tap into your intuition and open your third eye
  • Confidently connect to your spiritual team
  • Master your seven psychic senses and how you can use them
  • Learn how to use grounding and protection and much, much more

Awaken and develop your psychic abilities to allow you to easily and confidently tune into spirit guides, universal information and get the answers you need to make difficult decisions every day. Think of the choices, careers, and opportunities you can have when you embrace your unique psychic self.

ISBN 978-1-922337-02-3

The Darkness Around Us

A paranormal guide to understanding darkness, so you live in the light.

What are dark energy beings, and why are they here?
How do they affect us and our homes, and what to do about it?
How to recognise paranormal addiction and what to do about it?
How do we respectfully remove them from our homes,
and where do they go?

This is a handbook, like no other. I aim to educate the reader by demystifying the Dark Realm and its inhabitants. As we live in a shared environment filled with invisible energy beings, awareness of their tactics and intentions is essential for maintaining our well-being and harmonious surroundings.

You will read page after page of helpful information and more than 110 real-life experiences, which I have collected over 30 years of my personal and work-related experiences with dark energy beings. They are not as scary as you think! When you have the knowledge and clear understanding of what is out there, you improve your self-awareness and make more appropriate life decisions. You consciously choose to raise your vibration and create more positive emotions, therefore avoiding dark energy presence within yourself and your home.

Anna Schmidt author

About the Author

Anna works as a paranormal specialist, energy worker and house healer with a lifetime of experience working with the invisible realms around us. She has a kind, compassionate nature reflected in her work, and most of all, she uses a respectful approach towards assisting all energetic beings. In return, Anna witnesses paranormal experiences no other human has been allowed to see until now.