ISBN 978-1-922722-06-5

Bare Winter and the Longings of Spring

 Recently published in new York Adelaide magazine, also published in numerous anthologies and poetry journals, having written over 6,000 poems, nine children’s books yet to be published, her inspiration comes from her supportive family and cherished children of three. she has received numerous awards and certificates, including an international ambassador of peace award, her passion for poetry was discovered at a young age, where she found a deep sense of belonging. Nardine hopes to inspire the world through her mix of poetry about love, life and death, taking the reader on a journey throughout her desires and dreams, her biggest ambition is to teach poetry and help others express their emotions in this great form which is the art of poetry.

About the Author

Nardine Sanderson is an Australian author/ writer poetess who’s love of words stretches across the sea to immortalise the loves in her life.