ISBN – 978-1-922337-67-2

The Journey of Resilience


How do we teach and guide resilience and emotional intelligence?

“Life doesn’t get any easier or more forgiving, we are the ones who get stronger and more resilient – but how?”

The Journey of Resilience is a supportive step-by-step resource that has been designed to evolve, and maintain resilient and emotionally intelligent behaviours in our current and upcoming generations. By guiding young people through the activities, their behaviours are reinforced and developed to promote: independent resilience, emotional connections and persistence. Adaptable to any age, The Journey of Resilience aims to evolve and create resilient communities, individuals and families.

  • Evolves individuals, families and communities
  • By teachers and parents for teachers and parents
  • Evidence based, trialled and proven
  • Step-by-step support
  • Creates and maintains emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Unlocks an individual’s full potential
  • Adaptable to any age

About the Author

Samuel is an educator, author and parent with professional experience in Australia and the United Kingdom. Samuel has been developing, adapting and trialling activities and methods around these life-empowering traits and has seen how this book can evolve individuals, families and communities.  

He has a passion for educating professionals and parents and supporting young people in creating and maintaining strong resilient and emotional intelligent traits that can empower their lives. The Journey of Resilience –  a powerful resource and outworking of his mission –  aims to equip individuals, families and communities with the traits of resilience, persistence and emotional intelligence.