ISBN 978-0-6486616-7-2
ISBN 978-1-922337-23-8

From You to Two

‘How to expand your network and grow your business’

This is your guide to growing your company from you to two and beyond. You’ll learn how to build the right foundation so that your company can easily grow beyond you.

It’s broken down into five parts so you can read one a day and take action immediately.

“At the end of the week, you’ll have the framework to build a company that can operate without you”


About the Author

Author, Founder and Managing Director of Tradie Hustle, Sam Ackland shares his skills in business to elevate tradespeople to their highest cause. 

In 2017, he ditched his sales job and bought a lawn mower. The idea of a Property Maintenance company sparked a fire. Focused energy led onto a great momentum, and now Build Clean has a commercial residence and a team of 29, comprised of technicians and a management team.