ISBN 978-1-922452-62-7

Old Retail, New Retail, WTF?

Humans were born to shop.

That’s why retailing became the biggest industry globally.

Today, retailing is an industry in crisis, undergoing massive disruption from online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba. Asia is emerging as a retail powerhouse, yet most retailers are focused on the US, UK and Europe.

7 billion shoppers don’t see things that way, but retailers are full of doom and gloom?
What is going to happen to their industry?

Roy Tavenor asks the same question – with a bit of twist.

WTF – What’s The Future of retail.

This is a book written by a realist, rather than a futurist, and draws on nearly 50 years of experience, learning from the past, to better understand the future.

For retailers and shoppers alike, there is good news.

Retail is not dying – just changing.