ISBN 978-0-6481662-5-2

Light on the Hill

I give thanks for this book, Roy Gwyther-Jones’ labour of love, and commend it for your reading enjoyment and spiritual encouragement.

Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, Primate Anglican Church of Australia

This is not a history of buildings but of people. It is a model of presenting the gospel through the stories of the people, widening our vision, not just beyond the parish to the city, but also to the world.

Alan Nichols, AM, Archdeacon
Emeritus, Diocese of Melbourne

The deep value of this book is that the author has thoroughly researched and recorded the unique history of St John’s Parish, which could have been lost forever.

Rev. Jock Ryan, author and historian

Roy Gwyther-Jones has researched without bias the history of the church on the hill, St John’s, and recorded the facts meticulously.

David Cummings, Former International Director, Wycliff e Bible Translators