ISBN 978-0-9876317-2-5

A Lawyer in Paradise

This book is dedicated to my fellow travellers: my wife Lee, and my children Ben, Kimi and Sam, and also to the Samoan people who so enriched two years of my life.

Although I refer to a number of trials in which I appeared, this is not a comparative analysis of the legal systems of Australia and Western Samoa; rather, those trials have been included for their human, as distinct from their forensic, interest only.

Nor have I set out to examine in minute detail the broad sweep of Samoan life or to venture into the Margaret Mead/Derek Freeman debate.

Instead I have simply recorded some of the adventures and misadventures of expatriate life. The passage of time and the vagaries of memory since I left Samoa some 32 years ago have, I am sure, softened the rough edges of some experiences and otherwise impaired my recollections but if some memories may have been enhanced a little, or some names now escape me, I hope that is of little significance.

About the Author

A Lawyer in Paradise proves that Robert Anderson is an adept author – its epilogue, a poignant poem, is written by Rob. Also an accomplished artist, one of Rob’s paintings features on the cover.