ISBN 978-0-9876317-8-7

Out of the Darkness

Out of the darkness came a light so bright, so enduring that its power will never be extinguished. This is the testimony of the church, and her compulsion to take the Good News of Jesus into all the world.

This small book contains four studies for Advent
1. Jesus came to overcome darkness – He is the light of the world.
2. Jesus came to overcome blindness
3. Jesus came to deliver us – He is the gate and the good shepherd
4. Jesus came to reveal his glory – He was almighty God who came to earth for our benefit

My prayer is that you spend time with the family and take a fresh look at the familiar Scripture readings, and as you read and talk together, you will be encouraged to bring a renewed hope and vitality to your Christmas celebrations, and a renewed understanding of the message of Advent.

About the Author

Rhonda Luttrell is a counsellor and family therapist and her heart is to help families experience the joy of celebration and love together. This is her first published book. She and her husband, Kevin work in partnership providing counselling and
enrichment events to individuals, couples and families. They live in the beautiful Gippsland Lakes region in Victoria, Australia. You can find out more about Rhonda and Kevin by visiting their website www.meetaroundthecampfi