ISBN 978-0-9876317-6-3

Fergus Farringdon the Second: To Many Lands and Back Again

Fergus was a small cottage lad who had lived his whole life in The Hidden Gully. Unfortunately for Fergus, his most close family member passed. With this, unknown things began to take place. Winds, images and the hearing of silent words. With such events, these prompted Fergus to explore deeper, where he would discover something legendary. As all was evolving, Fergus was fortunate enough to discover many new lands and a few good folks.

About the Author

My writing journey began in 2012 when I attended an Adult College to complete secondary education. One course enabled me to write and I enjoyed sharing my stories. Once completed secondary education, I then began an Arts University Degree. In University, one of my courses was English and Creative Writing. It was here where my interest and ability in writing, grew.