ISBN 978-1-922890-62-7

Crocodylus Scorpius

Crocodylus Scorpius is banished from his Kingdom.

Where will he go?

A tale of two tails. But will the riddle be solved by Dr Olivier and his intrepid team of explorers?

About the Author

Zelle Pullich is an avid explorer. Tapping into her natural inquisitiveness, she writes stories about intriguing creatures, bravery and fantastical discoveries with the aim of nurturing childhood curiosity. Zelle is an adventurer at heart, a wife and mother of two beautiful, loving children who have inherited her itch to explore. Passionate about learning and research, Zelle holds degrees in Medicine, Physiotherapy & Exercise Science along with Creative Arts. She is a doctor, a scuba diver, a drama queen and a dancer, or could she be… a writer?

About the Illustrator

Nathaniel Eckstrom is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. His ability to visualise gentle realms of fun and adventure has made him one of Australia’s leading children’s illustrators. Nathaniel has illustrated over twenty five titles. His books include Meg McKinlay’s – DUCK, The Dress-Up Box written by Patrick Guest, The Hole Idea written by Beth and Paul MacDonald and Eddie Jaku’s – The Happiest Boy on Earth. A number of Nathaniel’s books have been both notable and shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year.