ISBN 978-1-922337-89-4

Terence in Africa

Follow Terence the turkey during his action-packed holiday in South Africa.

He got lost in Lost City, caught some thieves in Durban by the sea, and saw a ghost in Potchefstroom! An elephant nearly stomps on him in the Kruger National Park! He had to run away from Zorro the crazy zebra on a game farm!

Meet Bosluis the vicious baboon, Lazarus the ‘dead’ leghorn, and Dodo the dump donkey! The stories in Terence in Africa are a combination of real-life experiences by the author, fictitious animals and tall tales.

The FUN SHEETS will provide Bible values, life lessons, vocabulary, fast facts, and quizzes – a variety of tools to help children learn and grow whilst having heaps of fun.

Enjoy the action in AFRICA!

About the Author

My experience and adventures as a primary school teacher during the last decade inspired me to target the seven to eleven age bracket. Communication with students about my new book gave me sufficient feedback to feel that the ‘Terence the Turkey’ series would be well received by the young generation.

This book consists of short stories, with most adventures taking place on a farm with a variety of animals. The main character is of course Terence, and he is well supported by others like Gopher the goose, Baby the bull, Patrick the pig, Ernie the eagle, Gerald the goat, Uncle Murdock, the Fearfeathers, Aunt Suzie the swan, and many others.

My main idea is to tell interesting, and some funny stories in every chapter. Each story concludes with a ‘FUNSHEET’, and hopefully this will get the children’s attention!

The ‘fun sheet’ includes a Bible scriptures, life lessons, vocabulary, and interesting facts. There will be questions and quizzes, and all the answers will be provided at the back of the book.