ISBN 978-1-922527-48-6


The truth is inside his mind, only how can he prove it?

Frank Vanners believes the sudden death of his wife Margaret and his consequent retirement from a lifelong career in teaching has activated ongoing episodes of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy that transport his psyche to another place or world where he permeates the consciousness of Rudi. It is there as part Rudi’s persona, he witnesses scenes of infidelity, plagiarism and murder.

A visiting friend Sean, who has come to support a stressed out Frank, is loathe to believe what Frank says he is experiencing until irrefutable evidence strongly indicates that what Frank witnesses is true. When he contacts the police, the detectives dismiss him as a crackpot, but as events unfold, they are forced to concede they were wrong.

Frank and Sean lead the police to the criminals’ compound where a massive standoff involving a Specialist Response Group, is only resolved when the crooks’ desperate tactics, end the saga.

About the Author

Peter van Schie migrated with his family from Indonesia in 1951. With father Simon a POW in Changi, the family dodged being interned in Japanese camps in Java by moving frequently from city to city as the need arose. After the war it became imperative to move from what was no longer The Dutch East Indies. Simon chose Hobart, Tasmania. Peter completed his education there and became a teacher, which was an uplifting, life long career. In retirement, he was able to pursue his love for writing as a creative pastime. His books so far are: Fashions From Yesteryear; The Shack; and Oldfelladreaming. Currently, he is writing a fiction piece based on fact about his family’s ordeal during the Japanese occupation of Java.