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Choosing and Bringing Up

Your Puppy

In this witty no-nonsense guide to puppy selection and training, veteran dog trainer Peter Franks, gives the facts, poses relevant questions to the reader  and provides instruction on how to train a new puppy so that she or he matures into a well mannered, loving and responsive member of the family.

There are many photographs, sketches, cartoons and True Stories to help illustrate what Peter has to say.

Peter gives advice on:

  • how to identify the dog breed which best suits you and/or your family
  • where you can look for a puppy
  • what you need to get for and how to prepare your home for the new family member.
  • toilet training
  • consecutive training instructions – the sit, stand, down, recall, the stay,  walking and place up (heel).
  • There is a chapter on rescue dogs, another on what Peter calls the fear factor and yet another on how to deal with common behaviour problems such as separation anxiety and dominance.

In the Appendix there is information on Obedience Competitions. Peter uses the Companion Dog – Novice Class Competition as an example to:

  • state the Australian National Kennel Council Rule Book requirements
  • tease out what the rules mean
  • provide training tips for each exercise in the Competition.

About the Authors

Peter would like to thank his wife June for her support, encouragement and advice over the past 55 years. There are several others who have influenced him throughout his competition years, dog training career and Judging role. Pat Baily for her help in training his Golden Retriever Woody for the NSW State Titles Competition (Woody won the Novice Gold Medal). Thanks to George Bartolo for encouraging Peter to become an instructor, to Lucy Ellem who was his mentor and who gave Peter the incentive to join the NSW Canine Council and then to undertake his training to become a Judge. And to Danny and Silvia Wilson of BarkBusters™ for their encouragement over the years.

A special acknowledgement must go to Dog behaviourist John Fisher (author of “Think Dog”) who completely changed Peter’s approach to dog training from negative training where harsh words and actions are used, to positive training in which dogs are rewarded for trying and/ or doing something correctly. Beverly would like to thank her husband Daniel for his encouragement to get a dog; a dog who has improved their lives in so many ways.

Peter and Beverly would also like to express their gratitude to Kyle and Erin Charnock for allowing them onto their property and Eraky Labradors kennel at his farm in Bargo; to Wendy Donahue of Golden Retriever Rescue Inc for allowing them to use information directly from their website and for information on Roger.

Also thanks to the Committee of the Illawarra Dog Training Club for allowing us to attend a training session and to take photos while there. They really appreciated Noah’s mother Ros Southhall, for giving us Noah’s story and photo. There are many of Peter’s clients who have generously allowed their dogs to become part of this publication. Last but not least, we acknowledge Denis Ivaneza’s photographic expertise (Inner Visions) in getting some tricky shots for us.