ISBN 978-1-922452-87-0


In this companion volume to Charles Anstey & Eliza Cererher: Port Elliot pioneers, first cousins Peter Anstey and Joan Apps (nee Anstey) continue the story of the Anstey family in Australia, focusing on the lives and family of their grandparents Charles John Anstey and Fanny Louisa Smith.

Set against a background of economic depression and a gold rush, the first part of the book outlines Charles and Fanny’s years in the Western Australian gold mining towns of Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, their return to South Australia and their family and working life in the districts of Glenelg and Sturt (Marion).

The second part of the book describes the lives of Charles and Fanny’s children, including the shadow cast on them by the Second World War. The third part is devoted to Fanny’s family and includes a brief history of the Smith (Godden) and Killery families.

The authors observe that during much of this period, the lives of their grandparents and parents revolved around their church and local community – fetes, bazaars, card games, dances and balls – a world where speechmaking and poetry recitation were still considered worthy pursuits.