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One Chance

Lessons in Sport, Life, and Success

There is more to the game than just being on the court.

One Chance is a testament to how Todd Perry achieved his dreams and aspirations by following his passion for tennis, ultimately playing the most prestigious tournaments in the world against some of the most revered legends in the sport.

Todd provides his readers with insight into how to become a professional athlete, while embracing and prioritising all that was encountered on this own journey. He truly believes that triumphs are embedded within the lessons on the roads we are willing to travel…


Todd describes what it is really like to be on tour, the dedication, work and resilience that every tour player requires to break in and then succeed.

~ Todd Woodbridge

todd perry author

About the Author

At the age of five, Todd Perry embarked on his journey to pursue his passion for tennis, and by the age of twelve he had become the number one player in the state for his age. Because of Todd’s love for his chosen sport, he was able to find his life’s pathway both on and off the court.

Aged 20, Todd began travelling around the world competing in professional tournaments, and by the age of 22, he had gained a world ranking. Building on his success, this determined athlete played main drew singles at the Australian Open, thereafter focusing on a doubles career which was better suited to his skill set. He won six ATP Doubles titles and defeated titans on the tennis world including Nadal Djokovic and the Bryan Brothers.

After retireing as a professional player, he became the director and head coach of the Todd Perry Tennis Academy. Todd’s passion, derived from his experiences and journey now inspires children to pursue their dreams by utilising sport as a metaphor for their lives.

“We choose our sport for all the right reasons; always let that prevail through the journey.”
~Todd Perry