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The Wheels of Financial Blessing

Many Christians struggle with questions like “Does it please God for us to be poor?” “Should a Christian be rich?” “Why am I struggling financially even though I tithe or give?” “Why am I always stressed about money?”

This Biblically balanced book will help you to live a life that honours God and to experience His blessing in your finances. John here uses a powerful metaphor: If your financial world was a car, your forward progress is limited to the condition of its four wheels. Each wheel is equally important and represents a vital component in your approach to money.

The Wheels of Financial Blessing is easy to read and full of personal stories, and you’ll find it immediately applicable to your life.

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About the Author

John Pearce is a pastor, businessman, and kingdom leader. Alongside his wife Danielle, for more than twenty years he has led C3 Powerhouse—a dynamic, multi-site church in Australia. He serves as the Executive Director of C3 Church Global, a movement of over 500 churches led by Phil Pringle. He has a bachelor’s degree in business, majoring in accounting and marketing, and he has run a successful manufacturing business on the Sunshine Coast in Australia for more than thirty years.

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