ISBN 978-0-9946431-6-2

Black and White: Between the Lines

My story is about my heart being torn between two worlds, even at a young age, I remember the struggle was there within me, those strange feelings inside of me, not knowing what the feelings were? Who am I?

About the Author

Growing up in the early days, being poor, it was a time when you went without many things, but having a family to share everything with, we all thought having each other was all we needed. 

I was brought up as a Catholic. I remember going to church every morning with a lovely lady Mrs. Davis, rain, hail or shine and this was how I found my Christianity. This changed my life; the Lord became a very important part in my life and is still in my heart today.

I realised as I got older I knew I had to do something with my life; otherwise I would never amount to anything. 

During my working life, I have always treated everything I did as a challenge. I always set myself goals, I can now look back at my career, which was over a period of 30 years and know that I have achieved what I had set out to achieve. 

I knew there was something missing in my life; this was when I decided to start researching for.