ISBN 978-1-922803-09-2

The Angels Amongst Us

If seeing is believing, then The Angels Amongst Us is proof of Heaven. With astonishing visions of Angels in the sky, this book will provide you with genuine images contrasted with an accurate vision of how the Divine Spirit of our Creator guides us through our lives. After reading this book, you can begin to build up you or your child’s faith and better navigate through your journey of the supernatural relationship between you and our Creator. As my eyes begun to see the unseen behind these images, it is clear that Jesus is real and that God is very much alive, Heaven is real, and more of the Bible is true than you know.

This book was made to instil you with faith even if you are doubtful. Now that you know the Angels hover around you, with you from the minute of your conception, it’s time to rekindle your relationship with them and look up to the Heavens.

Erika Okunzuwa The Angels Amongst Us Author Photo

About the Author


Erika Okunzuwa, born in 1974 is from Eastern Europe, she migrated to Australia in her early 20s with her daughter. Now a mother of three to Kristina, Romeo, and Keyon, she considers her faith, her family, and her friends to be the most important things in her life. When she’s not spending time with family or friends, she’s with her gorgeous adopted pigeons or learning new languages. The Angels Amongst Us is Erika’s first non-fiction book.