ISBN 978-1-922527-21-9


Brown Mary

The secret reflections of lived experiences.

What did you dream of as a child? Are you living that dream? If not, do you feel enslaved in a seemingly automated cycle of self-denial and confusion? Gift yourself the opportunity to discover your truth and dare to reclaim your personal hopes, dreams, and life purpose. As I reflect on the wisdom gained through my lived experiences, I hope that you may discover your bespoke pathway. Come on this journey, learn to love, laugh at, and accept yourself so you can truly start living your dreams.

About the Author

Estellé Woods is a perpetual student of all forms of healing, spirituality, and self-development. Barely out of her teens she married the love of her life and immigrated to Australia. She obtained a nursing degree, post-graduate qualifications in self-management and various complementary modalities. Estellé has dedicated her life to helping others to find their truth and inner peace by sharing her personal wisdom.