ISBN 978-1-922452-92-4


Jeffrey’s Beach Box

Jeffrey is a smart and nice boy with a fantastic imagination. It’s summer time in Australia, and Jeffrey spends an unforgettable Christmas with his brothers at their grandparents’ beach house. They build giant sandcastles, spy different aircraft, and stay up very very late. Their best adventure begins when they sneak into a beach box.

What will Jeffrey discover inside?

About the Author


Noni Bousfield self-published author of 'Jeffrey's Beach Box'Noni Bousfield is an emergency service worker, avid traveller, and passionate dabbler in all things creative! She is thrilled that, in collaboration with Californian artist Michelle Farrell, her first children’s book Jeffrey’s Beach Box has been brought to life. A joyful and fanciful homage to life by Melbourne’s iconic beach boxes. Contact Noni via the ‘Get the book’ link to enquire about purchasing your very own copy, posted anywhere in Australia for $16. International bookworms invited to check out deals on Amazon. Happy reading!