ISBN 978-0-6451562-5-6

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind

To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; is a children’s story with a hidden message. It touches on a variety of behaviours school aged children would typically experience when trying to fit in and be accepted for who they are. The book goes through what children may perceive as ‘ being cool’ versus what it actually takes to be cool and ultimately that is found in the way of kindness and acceptance.

This is a great children’s story suitable for school aged children, that not only has a great message; but is also enjoyable to read.

Telesha Newman, self-published author of 'To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind'

About the Author

Mother by Day, Writer by night!

I am a mother of four with three boys and one girl. Although I have always had an urge to make a bigger contribution within society, it was my children that gave me to inspiration to pursue my passion to make a difference. One of my biggest challenges is to try and change the stigma’s associated with so many situations we faced as children and our children continue to face today. My book, ‘ To Be Cool, You Must Be Kind; was written to try and change the way we perceive someone being cool. It touches on a variety of behaviours typically seen in school aged children and walks the readers through what it really takes to be cool; and ultimately that is being kind.

All of my stories both present and future will have hidden messages written in a child friendly and enjoyable manner.

Our children are the future and we can change the way they think and perceive the world, one book at a time!