From Fear to Fulfillment From Crisis to Confidence

You Personal Evolution Journey

ISBN 978-1922629-32-6

If you have ever been held back by Fear, this book is for you. It will help you to understand your fears and guide you through on your journey to Fulfillment.
If you have faced Crisis and found yourself struggling, this book holds within its pages a wealth of valuable information, about how you can overcome the challenges and emerge with Confidence.
Shift away from Fear, unleash your hidden reserves held within and reach the empowering goal of fulfillment. Learn to explore your beliefs, questions your thinking, and uncover truths about Fear, and about Confidence.
This is a Future You, waiting for you to transition from worry and chaos into the new You, the happier, healthier, more emotionally secure You, free from Fear, with Confidence to face life’s Crises and emerge fulfilled.
Reinterpret and transition your challenging life experiences into truly fulfilling memories. Turn critical moments into empowering growth opportunities.
With the help of this book, may you release Fear, cope better with Crisis, and discover your more Fulfilled and more Confident Future You.

About the Author

Terri Mitchell is a speaker, coach, writer, and author of her new novel Legacies. A professionally trained psychiatric nurse, Terri has a fascination for, and genuine interest in the workings of the human mind. This book, her latest work, draws upon her research into fear, with a desire to create an easy-read self-discovery book to help people transition into a life more fulfilled. Terri gained her psychiatric nursing qualifications from La Trobe University. She has been a lifelong writer, exploring language and stories to create other worlds, people, and histories. Currently, Terri hoses a podcast and YouTube channel, Voice on Fire – Interviews with Intention where she speaks with an international line-up of guests. Along with her cat, Terri lives and writes from home in Victoria, Australia.