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Culinary Quickies with Mel Alafaci

Executive Chef Mel Alafaci runs the show at Vanilla Zulu Cooking School. She’s been cooking professionally since 1992. Her intoxicating enthusiasm, authenticity and unique culinary lingo will have you hungry to flex your muscles in the kitchen. Mel is brilliant at adding humour, shortcuts and tricks to all those tedious tasks that you have to endure. Every recipe has been designed, tried and tested by Mel and her team.

“Ive been cooking for many years & never realised I’ve been cooking mince incorrectly my whole life! Your chopping, cooking & plating techniques inspire me in my everyday cooking. So much flavour and so easy. I also loved your practical tips for freezing pastes, lime leaves etc ..”
– Katherine Meldrum

“Mel’s so much fun, informative & teaches things that I thought were difficult in the kitchen which are now a breeze. She has a great knack of making simple dishes look exciting”
– Kerstin Knott

“Mel dspelled the myths surrounding the difficulty of preparing a family meal and has given us the confidence to do more cooking and entertaining”
– Jackie & Steve D

About the Author

With a genuine smile that can light up a room, an entirely new and fresh approach to cooking and a culinary lingo all of her own, Chef Mel Alafaci is quickly becoming a globally recognised chef and personality.

Mel is sassy, talented, witty and funny and is also fondly known as” The Happy Chef”, “The Foodie Godmother” or “The Smiley Chef” Dubbed “Queen of Culinary Bling” by her students, Mel’s clever cooking approach focuses on simple versatile recipes with time spent on excellent presentation.

Mel’s style of cooking is fun, quick, tasty, colourful and bursting with personality and texture.  Mel promises she can make any dish look ten bucks more expensive and will show you every shortcut she knows to get you a round of applause with minimal effort.

Make delicious discoveries with Chef Mel The Vanilla Zulu!