ISBN: 9781922722706
PAPERBACK, 156 pages

I’ll Give it One Week

Did you know that your
body is always talking
to you, and you have
the innate ability to
find freedom from pain
and suffering?

The messages are always there, we just don’t often pay attention to what they’re saying. When was the last time you sat silently and listened to what your body was really trying to tell you, before grasping for a pain killer or quick fix solution.

In her younger years Emma struggled with severe mental illness and was being treated for depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks and suicidal ideation. Struggles so severe that Emma even attempted to end her own life. Then Emma’s life took an even more dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition which in addition to leaving her mostly bedridden with limited mobility, led to her suffering from chronic pain for much of her 20s.

I’ll Give it One Week! is a intimate account of Emma’s personal journey and also a step by step program that you can follow to kick-start a new journey too. This book and program is suitable and recommended for anyone wanting to make positive changes, go inward and work on themselves, to discover not only their true self but the limitless potential to self-heal.

Book author Emma McAuliffe

About the Author

Emma McAuliffe: Holistic Life Coach, healer, entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker & advocate for mental and physical health awareness!

Emma is a certified NLP coach who specializes in narrative therapy and alternative techniques and has been supporting people all over the world to self heal. Emma’s work as a coach involves integrating personalized programs supporting the self healing journey of people awakening to the power they have within.

Emma’s unique approach integrates a number of healing modalities by using a systematic Life planning & organization system which she details in her complete 12 month self development program ‘Life House.’ This signature program helps women and men get back to basics, reassess their foundation and create the environment needed to heal the mind, body and soul from the inside out covering all areas.

Emma’s mission and vision is to help others transform their lives and be free of self-inflicted pain and suffering.