ISBN 978-0-648490-53-1

The Battle Within: Chapter One

In Aukland, 1974, a baby girl is handed out of a hospital window to an old man in a taxi. Her name is Marcia, not a Maori name like her sister’s, which often made her wonder. But then, there were to be many more occasions that made Marcia wonder.

Based on the first thirteen years of Figg’s life, The Battle Within is an evocative collection of memories. Reflecting on the events that shaped her, Figg produces immersive moments-in-time, balancing the innocence and lightheartedness of a child with the harshness of society.

“Strikingly deft in its tale, the piece has the opportunity to grab the reader by the scruff of the neck and force them to listen, such is its sadness and portrayal of familiar abuse in a hermetically recognisable environment. Still, there are fine words, crafted with care as the storm settles down and courage resurges once more. Memorable.”
– Austin Macauley Publishers