ISBN 978-0-9924183-5-9

Healer of Memories

In December of 2006, office worker and student Lyndal,left the safety of her homeland in Australia to begin a new adventure. South Africa had been calling her since her childhood, but what lay ahead of her would leave her surprised, in awe and also with a broken heart. An ordinary country girl found extraordinary love and freedom in ways that she never knew existed. From the fun of being raised near the ocean with three brothers, to the heights of the mountainous villages in her adopted country, Lyndal will take you on her journey of growing up, discovery and wonder.

About the Author

Lyndal Nonyane was born March 1972, to farmers on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

She grew up the third of four children and had a happy and fulfilling childhood.

Lyndal’s love of writing was evident at an early age when she spent her childhood creating stories and books. In her adult life she has taken many writing classes on her journey in becoming a published author.

In her young adult life Lyndal discovered a passion with travel and for learning about cultures that has seen her make many adventures across the globe. One such adventure created the basis for Healer of Memories, Lyndal’s first published book.

Lyndal hopes to continue writing in the future. She will continue to share her journey of widowhood and motherhood with others to support and help where she can.