ISBN 978-0-6483693-7-0

Chasing Birdsong

An invitation to share the enchanting world of young children through the magic of words.

Words by Jocelyn Lowinger
Illustrated by Karen Goldsmith

ISBN 978-0-6485544-9-3

Music in Words

Music making with rhymes for early childhood, a resource book for teachers.

Words by Jocelyn Lowinger
Illustrated by Karen Goldsmith

About the Author

Jocelyn Lowinger was born and educated in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She trained as both a Primary and Secondary teacher. After several years teaching in Christchurch she moved to Melbourne Australia where she undertook specialist training in music education.

Jocelyn has twenty five years’ experience as an early childhood music teacher.

In conversations with children, Jocelyn has gained insight into how thoughtfully chosen words can bring humour, sense and ease into a child’s world.

Like music, poetry holds within its energy the power to create, gives a voice to self-expression and facilitates the communication of stories, emotions and ideas between and among humans.

About the Illustrator

Karen Goldsmith trained as a Secondary Art Teacher working in ceramics and textiles.

Over the years Karen has made large papier mache sculptures, ceramic animals, mosaics and various textile creations.

Karen’s style is folky, whimsical and fresh and she manages to tap into the magical essence of childhood with her playful imagery.

For this project Karen has drawn from Jocelyn’s poems, aspects that resonate with her, bringing the words to life.