ISBN 978-0-645156-21-8

Dog Backwards Spells God

This small book proposes a charming way in which we might better understand and appreciate God, thereby improving our relationship with Him.

It is perhaps more than coincidence that DOG backwards spells GOD. Valid comparisons can be made between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. Occasionally we see that dogs reflect the nature of God. Sometimes
we discern dogs point the way to a better relationship with God. And at still other times we recognise that our relationship with dogs is strikingly similar to our relationship with God. In a real sense, dogs truly are messengers of God.

Described as a picture book for adults, this work presents twenty comparisons between our relationship with dogs and our relationship with God. And as we think about each of the twenty comparisons, we start to realise that interacting with dogs enables us to catch tiny glimpses of God Himself

Dr John Lourens

About the Author

Hi, I’m John.

I am a retired university academic, and spent my entire career as a teacher. A lifelong dog-lover, I cannot remember a time when I was not blessed with the companionship of a dog. I regard dog ownership as an honour, a privilege and a profound educational experience. I firmly believe that if we are willing to take advantage of the delightful learning opportunities provided, canine companionship can teach us a great deal about God and our relationship with Him.

In my view, it is quite possible that after reading this small book, and after reflecting on its big message, you will no longer look at the canine companions in your life in quite the same light as you do now.

A practising Christian, I am active in my local church community. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, Molly, and our two canine companions and messengers of God, Dior and Sammy. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

John Lourens