ISBN 978-1-922629-78-4

Enter the Poet


Welcome to my second title. The first was more inspirational, these are words of survival. Coming head on, they side swipe you, inducing the suicidal. At times deep, dark, and disturbed. As I lurk in the dark, I treat hearts that have been hurt. I blurt words that make you think I’m berserk, but in reality, I’m revealing the truth. Don’t be believing in proof, cause proof can be created.

Read between the lines, so you can tell the difference between the real and the animated. Black and white in front of you. Don’t be fooled by the colour pages; if you don’t believe me, just look at mother nature’s stance on machine gunner wages. Your mind races, but stop! Come on in. I give you the full picture with no fancy software to crop it. Follow me if you dare. To see where I’m going, sometimes you just gotta close your eyes, put your foot forward and…