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The Fox and the Rabbit

The Fox and The Rabbit is a story about two friends who live next each other, and treat each other nicely. One day when there is a famine, Rabbit does something that makes Fox and her cubs unhappy.

What will Fox do? What will happen to Rabbit?

About the Authors

About Kur Ngor

Kur Ngor is a South Sudanese who has grown up in Australia. While growing up in Australia has given Kur plenty of time to get used to Australian culture, he has long thought about ways to keep in touch with the culture of South Sudan. One of the ways he has done this is to learn about the stories of his homeland. Stories that were told to him through family and other members of the South Sudanese community.

In an effort to share the culture of his homeland with Australia and the world, Kur has chosen to share the stories that were told to him. He hopes you enjoy the stories that bought you to this website, and that you will continue to learn more about the proud people of South Sudan.

About Morwell Atar

Morwell Atar Morwell is a South Sudanese teacher. He has applied his skills, knowledge, and experience, towards promoting the Dinka people, language, and culture.

Since coming to Australia from Sudan (via Egypt) in 1998, he has worked in various forms of paid employment which have enabled him to continue his ongoing cultural commitment to the Dinka people. The various roles he’s had have included teaching, interpreting, translating, advocacy, participation in working groups at government levels, and general support in the Dinka community. He has taught language literacy and cultural awareness across a range of settings for different purposes, including Dinka language classes for English speakers and South Sudanese in Castlemaine – Victoria.

Morwell Atar Morwell taught at the School of Languages in Adelaide, South Australia from 2010 to 2015. He taught Dinka Language and Culture for young adults, from year 9 to year 12 levels. Morwell has established an International Dinka Language Institute in South Australia. He has written teaching material and has written children’s stories in the Dinka language. He’s also written a book of poetry and a book of Dinka proverbs. He has created a large collection of various literatures, which includes songs, fairy tales and a large number of words for the Dictionary entries.

Morwell has completed a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing at Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE, as part of a pathway towards tertiary study in Linguistics. Morwell began studying a Bachelor of Arts, at the University of Flinders in South Australia in 2010.

Currently, Morwell Atar Morwell works as a volunteer teacher of English as a second language (South Sudanese Support Program language Service for Adult Women Migrants) at the Playford International College, at Elizabeth South Australia.