ISBN 978-1-922337-13-9

Owning My Crazy

Most of us are just trying to get through the day, but paramedics are often extremely harsh on themselves. We have high expectations and feel a pressure to have all the answers. Add to this the training we receive from day one, to respond quickly, to be ever-vigilant, to ‘switch on’ without notice, and then make difficult logistical and clinical decisions, for an organisation that doesn’t seem to care for the carers when they fall, and we are all a recipe for disaster. Paramedics, firies and police have front row seats to the greatest shit show on earth. The question is not ‘why’ we break; it’s why it sometimes takes so long…

From high functioning, multi-tasking, goat-owning paramedic, to broken, blubbering mess on the side of the road, Kim’s journey through PTSD, anxiety and depression after 20 years as a paramedic has more ups and downs than a toilet seat.

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About the Author

Born out of personal experience and the need for catharsis, Kim’s first title tells one Paramedic’s story of their journey through PTSD. The decision to publish was based on the desire to reach out to others who may be in similar circumstances and struggling or feeling alone. The current system dealing with the mental health issues related to emergency service workers is lacking, and if no one speaks up, things will not change.