ISBN 978-1922527-41-7

The Longest Goodbye

A daughter’s journey caring for a parent with dementia. 

Experience the high and lows of a mother and daughter’s dementia journey, from diagnosis to aged care. In a world where nearly every person I meet knows someone or has a loved one with dementia, this book has been written from first hand experience to provide insights and lessons learned into the world of dementia. This book isn’t about having all the answers, if only dementia was that simple.

It is my hope that the information in this book will assist people to understand and communicate more effectively with their loved ones and most importantly, cherish every moment.

When people asked Kerry what she did for a career, she always answered ‘I change people’s lives,’ referring to her role as a facilitator and corporate trainer for over 35 years. After documenting her mother’s 10 year dementia journey as a cathartic way to deal with the highs and lows of the unknown around dementia, she realised this was another way she could change people’s lives. Having said goodbye numerous times over the years, ‘The Longest Goodbye’ was created.