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Who is Bill Jackson?

A historical Australian fiction.

A young woman sets out to write something about her family history.

She wants to start with the story of her late Grandfather, but her Italian Grandmother persuades her to research the origins of his German Father first.

This leads her in unexpected directions as a misty person she hardly knew existed becomes real and fills the stage. While events of the 1900s era of Australian history, quite new to her, open up.

About the Author

Growing up in outer suburban Melbourne, (Australia), Kelvin Smibert finished schooling with an interest in the sciences. Worked for a large manufacturing chemist while studying Chemistry at night at RMIT.  He spent 4 years of Wartime in the Navy, mostly as a Naval Beach Commando.

Returning to workplace politics was difficult. He enrolled at Melbourne University to do Electrical Engineering…But the urge to ‘Escape to the country’ was too strong. After 2 years he took up a Soldier Settlement block. During the 35 years there, he and his wife Nora spent a total of about 18 months spread over 5 years, 1973-1978, living in Iran. For which country they retain great affection. On one occasion flying from Australia to Tehran with a load of cattle.

‘Retired’ to Mount Gambier, South Australia in 1988. Nora continued with volunteer work and sport. While Kelvin formalised his Art hobby with a Certificate of Art. Which led to years of making 3D replicas of ancient Aboriginal ‘Rock Art’. The largest piece now in a New Delhi museum. Concurrently, he built a factory to make quality artists paper for local and export markets.

Both these projects led to travel, study and symposia in Europe and India.

Many years on the committee or board of various local organisations. Writing is a therapeutic old- age occupation.

The couple have five children and many Grand, and G-Grandchildren.