ISBN 978-1-922452-22-1 PAPERBACK

Lifted Up By Angels

Kay shares her journey of recovery and resilience to make a difference in the lives of others.

This book has been written for sufferers of mental health and other adversities, to provide the knowledge that there is hope. You are not alone. There is a way out of the mess, and by being courageous and reaching out for help you can overcome anything. It is my intent to start the discussion about mental illness in the hope that others will join the conversation and share their story also.

I had pleaded with God on many occasions throughout my life and I kept getting the same answer.

“God, why did you give this mental illness and these challenges to me and my family?”.

“So that you could share the experience of your recovery and make a difference in the lives of others”.

After struggling with Post-Natal Depression, Clinical Depression, a marriage break-up, a suicide attempt, diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, a stroke, and subsequential poverty, I found my new identity with the birth of my first grandchild – Nanna.

I was lifted up. I became strong and courageous. I found the resilience to bounce forward with a new purpose, direction and identity. I began living a Christ-centred life. I was finally able to call myself an overcomer.

Everyone’s story is different.

This is my story.