ISBN 978-1-922527-82-0

Percy the Pig

Percy is a curious pig.

All new baby animals learn by exploring, curiosity is a wonderful thing.

Join the farm family as they go on a hunt for our friend Percy the pig.


This might be Katey Chesterton’s first book, but her experience with children stretches back years, with the Sydney resident a long-time childcare worker with a speciality in working with disabled children.

It was here, in childcare centres around Sydney, that Katey first recognised the need for a new, positive character in children’s literature, and her work experience gave her the perfect sounding board to see which ideas were a hit, and which weren’t.

As result, Katey can’t take all the credit for this work. None of it would have been possible without the hundreds of kids around Sydney who helped her decide that Percy should be a pig, and helped decide on all the other characters, too.

Thank you very much for reading this book. Katey – and Percy – hope you like it very much.