ISBN 978-0-9876426-2-2

Gratitude Prompts

Gratitude Prompts brings a unique approach to developing a new practice or deepening an existing one. This book takes away the question of ‘what unique things can I be grateful for today?’ thus making the exploration of the rich world of gratitude by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The book is designed to be opened at a random page, read the topic and do an activity. It’s that easy. Some topics may remain unseen, whilst others become firm favourites. It’s all about what you require at the time.

There are more than 60 wide ranging topics. Some may not be typical ones, for example, there’s debt, grief and death. There are also ones on friends, family, nature along with kindness, generosity and compassion. Each topic starts with a quote before providing commentary which aims to provoke reflection. Each topic ends with three suggested actions that bring the topic alive for the reader. There
are lots of opportunities for kids to be involved in too.

About the Author

Karen Purves MA is a coach, facilitator and mentor to women who want to be in charge of their life. Karen first met gratitude as a destitute, unhappy, single Mum. For the past 20 years, gratitude and appreciation have been constant companions, even in the toughest times. This book is the result of her study of positive psychology and practicing gratitude.