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Spirit of Pearl and the Man Up Stairs

Spirit of Pearl and The Man Up Stairs is the first book of three, …it’s a story of adventure, courage, integrity and friendship.

Challenging questions asked from the beginning of time.

…Who created us, God or Aliens and is there a scenario where we don’t destroy each other and our planet?

The story begins when two friends decide to sail from Australia to Antarctica to find the last known location of a square rigger known as the Pearl, which mysteriously vanished off the coast of Antarctica.

Kym Watson and Dave Delchau

Author JK Watson and Editor/Book Advisor Dave Delchau

About the Author

JK Watson is a South Australian, born in Whyalla in 1956 and spent his formative years in Port Adelaide. Following a diagnosis of cancer in 2014 and Parkinson’s Disease in 2016, he wrote an autobiography for his grand-children titled In the Blink of an Eye. This inspired him to write his first fiction novel, the first of a three book series.