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Spirit of Pearl and the Man Up Stairs

Spirit of Pearl and The Man Up Stairs is the first book of three, …it’s a story of adventure, courage, integrity and friendship.

Challenging questions asked from the beginning of time.

…Who created us, God or Aliens and is there a scenario where we don’t destroy each other and our planet?

The story begins when two friends decide to sail from Australia to Antarctica to find the last known location of a square rigger known as the Pearl, which mysteriously vanished off the coast of Antarctica.

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The Ocean is a Dangerous Place to be

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Ben, Esther, Jak and Shira reunite in Africa on a mission to prevent the escalation of the war they had inadvertently become part of.

Elijah, the go-between for the team and their invisible and mysterious advisor (God or alien they are still uncertain), believes that only this group have the ability to stop this war.

They will need to find a way to see life through the other’s eyes and evaluate their own values and beliefs if they hope to succeed.

Kym Watson and Dave Delchau

Author JK Watson and Editor/Book Advisor Dave Delchau

About the Author

JK Watson is a South Australian, born in Whyalla in 1956 and spent his formative years in Port Adelaide. Following a diagnosis of cancer in 2014 and Parkinson’s Disease in 2016, he wrote an autobiography for his grand-children titled In the Blink of an Eye. This inspired him to write his first fiction novel, the first of a three book series.