ISBN 978-1-922722-90-4

Life Being a Salami Sandwich

‘Life being a salami sandwich, I will give you the middle, leaving out the soggy, soft bit of bread at the beginning, and the unpalatable hard crust at the end.’

This is the story of an exceptional life. A young Lancashire lad who, through his own personality, skill and sheer “pluck” forged a career in Medicine. Richard Pomfret Jepson won scholarships to further both his schooling and university studies. In 1938 he and his parents fostered and changed the otherwise bleak future of a young Austrian Jewish boy. Richard went to the frontline in WW11, manning one of Hugh Cairns mobile neuro-surgical units in North Africa and Italy. During this time, he undertook field trials for Howard Florey on penicillin.  Returning to England after the war he subsequently becoming foundation Professor of Surgery at Sheffield University. In 1958 he was enticed by the climate, people and food of South Australia to became foundation Professor of Surgery at Adelaide University. For a decade he led an innovative team until he handed over to the next generation and moved into a consulting role. He was a caring and supportive father to his five girls but had an untimely death at the age of 62. Jepson laid the foundations for the teaching of medicine in South Australia; later adopted Australia wide. Much of his medical research and techniques are still in use today.

About the Author

Jacqueline is the fourth daughter of Richard Pomfret Jepson. Concerned that the past is too readily forgotten she has written this biography. As a consultant and an academic BEc(Accounting), BEd (Adult), MBA, PhD Jacqueline has developed extensive research skills that have enabled her to put together this biography. In addition, she has interviewed key people in the medical profession who have provided good insights and gathering family documents and pictures.

Other books also completed by Jacqueline are a Transcriptions of letters of her mother’s father, T. H. Oliver WW1 and his experiences in Mesopotamia. Numerous books on finance and budgeting and a chapter on building a sustainable house.